These digital cartography brushes will drown you hours in creating your own adventures on fantasy maps! Literally, because no map is the same and they take quite some time to finish, at least for me! 😁

There can’t be ‘too many’ brushes for creating maps, because world is filled with objects, nature and awesome places + there are so many of them!

Hence why you’ll find a whopping 236 brushes in this pack so you can add all kinds of interesting detail, objects, both manmade and natural, onto every inch and centimeter of your map!

I have categorized brushes into groups inside one .brushset file, so there are sections which helps you to navigate the huge brush library.

The categories are:

  • Map Borders – 15 brushes
  • Grids & Dots – 15 brushes
  • Terrain Outlines – 16 brushes
  • Ground & Sea Patterns – 23 brushes
  • Paths & Banners – 16 brushes
  • Trees & Beasts – 44 brushes
  • Mountains & Rocks – 34 brushes
  • Buildings & Construction – 39 brushes
  • Ruins, Caves & Misc. – 34 brushes

Illustrator files:

I have made almost every object and pattern also available for Illustrator by turning them into vector objects and seamless patterns.

one .ai file with all 38 patterns:

  • Ground & Sea Patterns(23 patterns)
  • Grids & Dots(15 patterns)

two .ai files containing total of 145 vector objects

If you love this pack and would like to get more, different objects, buildings, animals or whatever more(!!), let me know, I’ve got an idea of making expansion packs for this set because even though there already are 236 brushes in here, I think I could make that many more and times over since the world is big and different out there! 😀

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