iPad Tools and Accessories for artists

Here are some of our favorite tools and accessories for illustrating, painting, and being creative with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. 

Stouch iPad Stand

This is a small but sturdy stand to elevate the iPad. I use it so that I don’t hunch over my iPad as much. Works really great at a standing desk setup. It has a flexible grip so you can easily secure an iPad with just about any kind of case on it. You can easily rotate the iPad and it stays nicely in place. Highly recommended!

Matte Screen Protectors

Missing that toothy feel of paper or Cintiq tablet? Matte screen protectors can provide that tactile feel and dramatically improve the drawing experience if that smooth iPad glass makes you feel like you’re ice skating. The scratch protection isn’t bad either. One trade off for this feel is color noise, these matte covers are not perfectly transparent and add a bit of visual noise to what you see.  Some screen protectors have been known to wear down the pencil tips more than others as well so make sure you check the reviews to get a good one. We are partial to these iCarez covers. They have good installation guides and are quite affordable.

Microfiber cleaning cloths

Just looking at an iPad creates smudges on that glorious screen. These clothes are a cheap investment that will make your life a lot more enjoyable. Get this pack of 13 and stash one in every place you sit and you’ll never be without one. I’ve got one (or two) at every desk surface I ever touch, every bag, and every car and even have a few to spare.

Apple Pencil Tips

Don’t forget to sharpen your Apple Pencil! Prodigious use and some screen protectors contribute to wear on the pencil tip which can cause sensitivity issues. Check your tips frequently to make sure they’re snugly screwed in and that you don’t have unusual wear. Keep a box of these replacement tips handy so your work never gets held up.

Got some sweet brushes? Let us know!


Custom Brushes for Procreate, the best illustrating app for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.