You get to work 10 brushes included in the set, with 4 complementing textures to finish off your illustration. The brushes can be used for shading, texturing and adding depth to your illustration in so many ways. The brushes are great to create a retro-feel illustration, texture gradient meshes or completely find your own style.

What’s inside?

10 brushes for Procreate & Photoshop; 4 texture images sized 5000x5000px; 1 PDF with instructions and tips how to use your brushes and textures.

Warning! The product might crave for more memory on your computer because of all the tiny details included. Keep in mind that if you have an old computer (pre-2015, for instance) with less than 8gb of RAM, you might have a slow workflow with these brushes

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Custom Brushes for Procreate, the best illustrating app for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.