You’ve asked, I’ve listened! Here’s my main pack of inking brushes created for Procreate. I usually work at 6×9 / 600DPI, but these will work at 300DPI just fine (you might just need to decrease the brush sizes to your tastes)

JP MAIN BOY, MEDIUM BOY, BIG BOY and DRY BOY are all somewhere between a brush and a pen. “Main Boy” is the brush I use for inking nearly every drawing I’ve done in the past 3 years.

JP PM FLAIR is based on the very popular Papermate Flair pen, which my friend Jillian said is a “teachers pen.” Is she lying? Who knows. But she used to be a teacher, so let’s believe her for now.

MARKER is kind of a Sharpie, just a little thiccccccer. Crank up and down the brush opacity to achieve some dryness. That sounds grosser than it is.

INK FILL and STAEDTLER are based on Mike “Mr. Hellboy” Mignola’s pens he uses to draw, well, Hellboy. The ink fill is very nice for achieving the appearance of real brushed on ink. The lighter the touch, the lighter the ink.

02.26.20 UPDATE: 4 NEW BRUSHES ADDED! Mr. Clean, Ms. Pointy, Mr. Pointy, and Sketchy Bob!

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