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Oil’s Powerpack that drives all the possibilities of traditional medium with inimitable texturing & varieties of brushes.
Details that express new & alluring interpretations to your artwork!

Powerpack delivers a Master collection of Oil’s brushes.
These Brushes have been designed with meticulous attention to every detail, texturing, layering & offer the widest possible range of brushes with the advantage of the Procreate brush engine and provide You extremely Premium looks & pleasure feeling while Panting!

Top features of brushes:
1. Blend in a Smart accidental rhythm of overlapping the textures to enhance the traditional look & feel.

2. Brushes that reacts to you [a light & firm pressure & tilt will reproduces surprising textures to take advantage of it.

3. Effortless traditional look & feel while painting.

4. This brushes brings out the extraordinary intense richness in depth & texture details no matter what canvas size you’re sketching & painting.

5. All brushes are designed to take advantage of smudge with the same brush! so you can beautifully & artistically smudge!

1. Try playing with light and firm pressure and tilt on every single brush + mixing colors with light and firm pressure because every single brush has a different surprising texture to take advantage of it!

2. You can smudge, paint, or erase with any brush in Procreate with these brushes.

Use brushes for everything, even commercial and branded projects.😉 with this price!

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