Inspired by real artists and created using real pencils, this set brings the texture, feel and look of graphite pencils to your iPad!

We have pencils for every need — for sketching, shading, drawing and just for fun. Every brush is unique and made for a certain type of work in mind:

— 7 smooth pencil brushes, soft for shading and backgrounds.

— 6 charcoal pencil brushes, soft, grainy, with rich finish to get that special charcoal feel

— 4 sketch pencil brushes, multipurpose for general use like an HB pencil

— 5 sharp pencil brushes, hard and precise, for technical drawing, outlines or plans.

Plus, as always with out products, you get a BONUS — 5 paper textures to make your sketch feel even more real. Just place it under your main layer and voila — almost as good as the real thing minus the smell of the paper 🙂

To install, download the .zip file on your device, DropBox or Files and just open it, inside there will be a .brushset file you can directly open in Procreate and the app will automatically add the brush set to your brushes panel. Alternatively, you can open Procreate app, tap on any brush, go to Brush Studio, tap Import and add locate the file. That’s it!

Hope you have a lot of fun and make great art with them!

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