With the Rough Pack 2 I created my, so far, most authentic looking procreate brushes and introducing new features on how to work with texture!

Not your usual brushpack. You can control the texture of your strokes with the pressure you are applying to your stylus. This gives you the possibility to make the strokes look like how you want them! The idea is building up on the previous rough pack and contains a huge variety of brushes. As well as a bunch of extras, ready to spice up your work.

  • 83 procreate brushes – Sorted into 6 different brushset files
  • 130 Worksheets – The whole alphabet in five different styles
  • 9 High-Res Backgrounds (2480 x 3508 px, 300 dpi)
  • 5 Basic Grids – To get you started
  • 6 Color paletts
  • Brush Manual – Tips and thoughts on all the brushes

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