In this pack there are 4 Different Brush Packs:

A Printed Ink Pack

  • 19 Textural brushes for laying down realistic printed inky goodness. There are flat textures for Lino, mono print, and woodcut. Incidental mess for creating texture and erasers for making classic letterpress gaps. Plus litho pencils and more.

A Mid Century Geometric Shape Stamps Pack

  • 37 different shapes and a Grid to place them. It’s so easy, you set the brush size of the Grid, then you set the brush size of the shapes to the same, and hey presto, it all works seamlessly together to create Mary Blair style Geometric Glory!!

A Pack of Lino Cut Brushes

  • 26 Different Lino cutters which lay down typical Lino cut gestures to help you easily recreate Lino blocks for “printing” in your fav inky print texture form the Printed Ink Pack.

A Print Paper Texture Brush Pack

  • 16 Unique Seamless Print Paper Texture Brushes that will give you the flexibility to work on whatever sized canvas you like. They really up the realism and add depth and character to your design.

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