Give your illustration work authentic textures with this collection of 15 unique texture brushes for Procreate. These brushes are inspired by the sweet, sweet textures of 1950s tiki illustrations (but the textures are broad-ranging and can be used for any type of illustration style).

  • 15 Procreate texture brushes.
  • Includes dry roller, sand specks, boar bristle, sea sponge, fine scratches, linen, wood, matchbook strip, edgers and more.
  • Tested by professional illustrators on real client projects.
  • Inspired by the texture work from mid-century travel brochures.
  • Full-color instructions and texture reference sheet.

When grandparents had a chest of random brochures, coupons, and photos hidden away in a leather suitcase in the attic. Inside I found all sorts of pamphlets and matchbooks advertising Tiki vacations. 

All the illustrated memorabilia has beautiful textures in the work. Each added to help the senses imagine sandy beaches, woven palm leaves, fragrant tropical flowers, and smoky tiki bars. 

You don’t need to be creating tiki art to take advantage of the Procreate texture pack. Use it any illustration in Procreate that needs some texture to add depth, visual interest, and personality.

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