Add instant depth and character to your illustrations with some yummy textures!

This full set contains 48 high quality, resizable Texture & Pattern Brushes; you’ll receive 10 Line Brushes, 18 Texture Brushes, 10 Pattern Brushes and 10 Grain Brushes.

A versatile selection of brushes for adding pattern, texture, grain, grittiness and shading to your art, as well as for sketching and line work. 

You’ll find tips and suggestions on how to use the different brushes and stamps in the Tip Guide which is included in the purchase!


  • 48 Brushes / you’ll receive 4 brushset files (so you’ll only need to import those four sets to Procreate, instead of individually installing all the brushes)
  • How To Install / a PDF to help you with the installation of the brush sets
  • Tip and Reference Guide / a PDF with reference images, suggestions and tips


Before purchasing this Pack, please make sure that you have the following (otherwise you might not be able to use it):

  • Procreate 5 (for iPad, please note that the brushes do not work with Procreate Pocket)
  • iPad (Procreate 5 requires iPadOS 13.2 or newer to install, please see the supported iPad models on Procreate website)
  • Apple Pencil

Check out also my Procreate Texture Brush and Stamp Pack which includes all the brushes as well as 15 additional texture and pattern stamps:

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